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*insert creepy smile here*
Well, I haven't been using this account (even though I said I will in my last journal), mainly because I have been very busy with school.

I am now attending college! Bu- hoo for me.
And with the thought that an art related course will make it easier and more relaxed was hella wrong! Plates, plates, for all the subjects (even the minor subj.)
And with that I almost failed, well, ALMOST.

I think since I am well adjusted now, maybe I can continue and maintain this account.
With that said, I might be more active in tumblr though, this is the art blog:

Okay, that is all! Have a nice day everyone! o uo)v
So, yeah,...
Have been a member here for about 11 months i guess?...
And I have not even submitted any serious drawings here.

So, now that I'm over with my art block,
(seriously, Art Block for over a year?!)
I'll be using my deviant account like hell!! XDD

Anyways, This is just a little excuse for being away for so- so- so long!

I'll be uploading tom,
Just need to find my scanner installer.

Nan- chi over and out~ >3<)/ ♥